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Our vision is to be the light of Jesus to the nations (John 8:12). We live this vision in our daily lives through our core values: Unite, Serve and Equip.


Unity: “We make every effort to join others in love” We have access to unity with the Father through His son Jesus. We honor the value of God’s gift of unity by pursuing meaningful relationships with one another where we live, work, and congregate. Where there is unity, there is faith and hope. We aspire to be a community that seeks out opportunities to show God’s love and bring people to know one another and to know Him.

Service: “Loving the community like Jesus” We value serving the community through volunteerism, hospitality, and supporting others who have a specific mission to fulfill either locally or internationally. We are active participants in service activities. We understand it isn’t about “keeping busy” but more so the decision of using our own time and resources as a contribution to the betterment of the community.

Equipping: “We are dedicated to growing in the knowledge of Jesus” Godly character is formed through surrendering our own understanding and following God’s direction in all of the details of our lives. We are active listeners and doers of the Word of God. We seek out opportunities to learn about our faith and grow into the people God wants us to be. We take what we learn and apply it to our daily lives so that, through our lives, we can encourage others to become disciples of Jesus.  Change happens when we are equipped and pour into others. 

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