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Light Groups are a vital component of the vision for discipleship at Lighthouse Church. Light Groups our meant to reflect our core values: Unite, Equip, Serve. Our hope is that Light Groups would provide an opportunity for people to unite, serve each other and the community, and be equipped to live lives that reflect the love of Jesus!

Jesus models the heart of discipleship for us which is to spend time with others learning to live by God’s word.  We are thankful you have chosen to be a Light Group leader. These opportunities to come together to learn and grow in faith don’t happen without people like you who boldly step up to open their hearts, homes, and schedules to people around them.

We hope this planning sheet will help you be prepared for hosting your Light Group. Thank you!

What you can do when your Light Group meets (not all of these are required in one gathering; have balance and think about what works best for your group):

  • Talk Together Spend some time catching up with casual conversation.

  • Eat Together Some groups enjoy coffee, a light snack, or even a meal when they get together.

  • Have Fun Together Share an activity together like playing a sport, games, going for walks, etc.

  • Grow Together All groups make time for spiritual growth through intentional discussions of the bible. You can use Sunday’s message as a starting point!

  • Serve Together Groups that serve together, stay together! Get involved in the community.

  • Pray Together All groups share each other’s needs and pray together.

  • Worship Together Make time for singing praises to the Lord together. If someone in your groups plays an instrument, encourage them to play as the group sings.


How to get people to come to your Light Group:

1. Invite people you already know 😊

2. Invite people with shared interests. People you serve with, work with, exercise with, share a hobby with, etc.

3. The information about your Light Group will be posted on the church’s website. Respond quickly and personally to people who inquire

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