During the next two Sunday, MARCH 28TH and APRIL 4TH, Pastor Marcio will be sharing with you a two-part series called: FROM TRADITION TO REVELATION.

This time of the year is usually a very busy time for God’s Church. This is the time when some are celebrating Passover, others talk about Easter, and there is also the Feast of Unleavened Bread. We also hear about Palm Sunday, Good Friday, Resurrection Sunday, and so on.

Join us for the next two Sundays, in-person or virtually, as we let the Holy Spirt lead us and give us revelation that will help us understand what Jesus has done for us and how we can rejoice and celebrate in Him, our Passover Lamb.

If you are joining us virtually and have asked Jesus to be the King and Savior of your life, please be ready to take communion on both services. You will need grape juice/red wine and bread for this portion of the service.

We hope you can join us!




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